I would like to thank Charlie, Trey and Braxton for their help in getting our Ranch Wireless service restored. Charlie was able to get Trey and Braxton scheduled to reinstall the antenna mast. Trey and Braxton were very professional and did an organized and efficient job.

Mike Bissonnet



“Thanks for all of you people’s help. Thanks to David for figuring out the issue. Thanks to Shawn and all of you for getting it up and going. All of you have been awesome.”


Danny Sorgman


“The following is my assessment or review of being with Ranch Wireless as a customer for several years. First, this is a voluntary separation due to my wife moving to Ireland and with my intentions of following. I can’t say enough about the customer service, friendliness and how everyone goes out of their way to be helpful. Not once had I been put on hold, have to listen to a recording, punch a bunch of numbers or listen to someone in a far off land. They are local and deal with you as family. If you have any difficulties they deal with it immediately, not put you on hold for a week. In summing up my experience I would definitely recommend going with Ranch Wireless……five stars.

Wayne Sauls

During hurricane Harvey keeping phone signal was horrible! It really made keeping in touch with concerned family and friends tough. Plus ATT slowed down data during this event. Ranch Wireless was great! Y’all stayed up and running through the hurricane with very little interruption in service! Thank you for quality service during the hurricane and every day!

Greta Frusha

Hello and happy Friday! After having the tower blown down in two previous storms in the past few years, we were not optimistic about keeping internet service through Hurricane Harvey. But we were wrong! You must have anchored the tower really well that second time because our connection stayed strong through high winds and 8 inches of rain. We had internet when we didn’t have TV or phone and we are very grateful!

Keith D.

Thank you very much for the great service. Our Ranchwireless internet service is great. Since we live in the country side of Pleasanton TX, the service is great. Thank you very much for your service and knowledge.