Residential Internet Plans

Ranch Wireless of Texas is a full-service provider of Business and Residential High Speed Wireless Internet providing service throughout South Central Texas. Ranch Wireless offers several wireless internet plans tailored to different needs and budgets.

Basic Residential – $29.95/month

  • up to 1Mbps with up to 5Mbps Wildfire burst
  • Includes up to 30 GB of data use + $1/GB or part thereof used over the first 30 GB

Ranch Hand Residential – $49.95/month

  • up to 2Mbps with up to 8Mbps Wildfire burst
  • Includes up to 60 GB of data use + $1/GB or part thereof used over the first 60 GB

Ranch Boss Residential – $69.95/month

  • up to 10Mbps down and up to 1Mbps
  • Includes up to 150 GB of data use + $1/2GB or part thereof used over the first 150 GB

Ranch Max Residential* – $89.95/month

  • up to 10Mbps down and up to 1Mbps up
  • Includes up to 200 GB of data use + $2/10GB or part thereof used over the first 200 GB

Ranch Unlimited Р$119.95/month

  • up to 25Mbps down and up to 4Mbps up
  • Includes Unlimited data use
  • Unlimited plans are still subject to appropriate network management techniques when necessary

*Ranch Max Residential and Ranch Super Max Residential plans not yet available in all areas and may require special radio equipment that must be purchased by the customer.

Maximum and sustained rates are configured as limits, not as guarantees. Maximum rates are dependent upon network conditions, service area, radio frequency band, and usage patterns. Each higher plan includes an increase in the amount of time the higher end of the plan speed is active. There is no committed minimum rate on a residential plan. A public IP may be available on a residential plan for an additional $30/month. Committed minimum rates are standard on our Business plans. Data usage totals are monitored on our servers. The server can send an email to the account on file showing the data amount used at that time based on presets under the user control in the customer portal. The customer can also view the current usage, pay online, correct account information, etc. in the customer portal on the new server.

The Canopy or Standard Radio can be purchased for a cost of $249 plus tax and accessories as needed with no contract.  Multiple computers are allowed at no additional charge with the use of a switch or router to be supplied and managed by the customer. Ranch Wireless does not allow the sharing or reselling of Internet bandwidth outside the primary household or business for which the service is purchased.