About Ranch Wireless Internet

A.S.A.P. Communications was founded in 1995 by Allen and Shawna Pooley. Allen and Shawna are both licensed amateur radio operators and have ben since the 1980s. We created packet radio data networks across South Texas and ran a BBS on radio only covering 5 bands and were part of the early amprnet system when most were only on dialup and few people knew of an internet! After the purchase of Horizon Communications (which was founded in 1967) and a portion of Automation Electronics in 1998, we incorporated in July of 1999 as Horizon Telecom, Inc and renamed ourselves to Ranch Wireless, Inc. a few years later. Our mission is to furnish our clients with superior products and services with exceptional value for their communication investment and Shawna continues to run the business today with the help of our able employees as Ranch Wireless, Inc. (I changed the name because I became tired of wrong numbers from the Northeast US as people were looking for a different company in New Jersey of the same name.)

We constructed our first channels in the Central Texas marketplace. By doing so, we are able to ensure our customers would not be at the mercy of a large impersonal corporation. We felt we must make this commitment because of the financial commitment made by our customers in their communication systems.

We have since completed our systems and have received licenses from the FCC for additional sites. We now offer a total of 50 additional sites to expand our coverage in hard to cover sections of our service areas. We now have a regional network which covers parts are all of over a dozen counties in South and Central Texas. Many of these also are licensed for broadband as well as unlicensed broadband internet. All of our towers are connected by our own network across the region.

We have proven our innovative abilities in providing service for larger customers not only in the San Marcos marketplace but surrounding areas as well. We started offering high speed internet from our towers in 2003. We had been running slower speed data between our towers since 1995. We have grown with the technology and will continue to evolve with the technology. Our customer base has shifted with that change to more of a broadband data and internet focus from the original two-way radio systems. We still operate both. Our network coverage has grown to be one of the largest in South Texas. We will be just as enthusiastic to solve any service problems you might have as we were to receive your order. We strive to be a complete communications service provider. We are looking forward to the privilege of adding your company to our list of satisfied customers.

Mission Statement

It is our mission at Ranch Wireless Inc. to provide the best possible internet service to the countryside, along¬†with our friendly, knowledgeable¬†support staff, to meet all of our customers’ internet needs.