Open Internet Principles of Ranch Wireless, Inc.

The Federal Communications Commission issued rules to preserve the Internet as an open platform. These rules went into effect on November 20, 2011 and can be found at this link: All Internet service providers are required to post information regarding various issues so that consumers, both residential and business, can make informed choices about choosing an Internet service provider. This document contains information regarding our services and in compliance with the FCC’s rules. The policies contained herein serve as a supplement to the existing terms of service.

The FCC’s rules focus on three primary issues:

  • Transparency. Fixed and mobile broadband providers must disclose the network management practices, performance characteristics, and terms and conditions of their broadband services;
  • No blocking. Fixed broadband providers may not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices; mobile broadband providers may not block lawful Web sites, or block applications that compete with their voice or video telephony services; and
  • No unreasonable discrimination. Fixed broadband providers may not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic.
  • Reasonable network management. ISPs may engage in reasonable network management to maintain a high quality of service for broadband Internet access.

Network Practices

ISPs must disclose their network practices, specifically in the four general areas listed below. ISPs may not block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices, subject to reasonable network management. An ISP may not block consumers from accessing lawful Web sites, subject to reasonable network management; nor shall the ISP block applications that compete with the provider’s voice or video telephony services, subject to reasonable network management. ISPs may not unreasonably discriminate in transmitting lawful network traffic over a consumer’s broadband Internet access service, although, reasonable network management shall not constitute unreasonable discrimination. The FCC’s rules state that a network management practice is reasonable if it is appropriate and tailored to achieving a legitimate network management purpose, taking into account the particular network architecture and technology of the broadband Internet access service.

Congestion Management: The purpose of our congestion management practice is to provide an excellent internet experience for a majority of our customers while maintaining a legal network.  For residential plans, we use PCQ rules for each ip address in our routers to provide the proper plan speed for each account plan. If the network were to become congested at times, the queue tree rules will divide the available bandwidth equally to each member of the plan group using the internet at that moment and will adjust dynamically.  For business plans, we use PCQ rules in an ordered format with the highest speed plans at the top of the list and limit oversubscription. Congestion on the network is a rare event. Usage limits included with each plan are shown on the pricing page for residential plans and in the Acceptable Use Policy for business plans. Data amounts exceeding the plan limit are billed at the amounts shown on those pages at .  Those overage amounts are $2/GB in excess on low plan tiers and $1/GB in excess on high plan tiers.  We also offer plans with unlimited data amounts.

Application-Specific Behavior:  Ranch Wireless only blocks or rate limits certain ports when they are identified as likely computer virus, bot, spam, or illegal activity.  Customers on higher plans have higher priority on the network.

Device Attachment Rules: Our service is only sold for the personal use of the household or business at which we provide service and cannot be resold or used by others outside of that group without our prior permission. Devices or actions that cause harm or interference to the network are prohibited.  All user wireless routers must be secured to prevent unauthorized use. The customer is responsible for all bandwidth used by their connection. Violations will result in immediate termination of the service.

Security: Ranch Wireless monitors the network for suspicious activity and also to respond to spam and bot complaints from other networks to stop illegal activity when found. This allows the network to run smoothly for the majority of customers.  Those customers that do not correct the problems in their system are subject to immediate termination of the connection to the Internet until such time as they repair their system and repeated violations will result in permanent termination from our network.

Performance Characteristics

ISPs must disclose the following network performance characteristics:

Service Description: Ranch Wireless uses wireless Internet radios to carry an Ethernet connection to the end user from our multiple fiber connections of unlicensed and licensed frequencies. Business plans show a MIR and CIR rate.  We expect to see the burst rate of the MIR for 30 seconds or more of sustained high bandwidth usage and then, if the connection continues to request the sustained high rate, the speed will begin to slow until it reaches the CIR value and will remain there as long as bandwidth is available on the network or the connection rate drops below half of the CIR and remaining below that threshold for a time similar to the burst time.  Residential plan rates also have a high burst rate that lasts for 30 seconds or more and then moves toward the sustained rate.  That sustained rate can be maintained as long as excess bandwidth remains available for the plan group. The burst rate will be available once again after the bandwidth used remains below half of the plan’s sustained for a time similar in length to the plan burst time. VoIP, VPN, and SIP phones will reliably function on the network.

Impact of Specialized Services: Video requires a large amount of bandwidth to view in real time. The video encoding and definition will affect the amount of needed bandwidth. Ranch Wireless offers many plans from which to choose and the end user must decide which one is suitable for their needs.  A large number of high definition video users could slow down an access point.  We will monitor the network for signs of this and when possible and/or necessary add infrastructure to support the increased bandwidth need in an area. At this time there is no known problem.

Commercial Terms

ISPs must disclose the commercial terms of its broadband Internet access service including those listed below.

Pricing:  Plans and fees are available on our web site at .

Privacy Policies:  Ranch Wireless does not store customer browsing information at this time.  We do monitor network traffic as necessary to determine the source of problems that may arise on the network.  We do not provide traffic information to third parties or use it for non-network purposes.

Redress Options: We act swiftly to resolve customer and edge provider complaints and questions.  All decisions of the company are final and will be made in a swift manner as necessary.

FCC Notice

If a customer believes that these open Internet rules are not being met, the customer may file an informal complaint at the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC urges customers to submit any complaints via its website at the following address: Customers may also file a formal complaint at the FCC using Part 76 of the Commission’s rules.