Digital 2-Way Radios

Ranch Wireless Digital Radio

Ranch Wireless is now an official Icom’s IDAS digital land mobile radio system dealer.

Offering a complete system of handheld radios, mobile radios, repeaters, network interface/trunking controller, remote communicator and accessories to meet all of your 2-way communication needs. Ranch’s 2-way radio systems are completely digital and can grow as your requirements evolve.

Ranch Wireless has added a new IDAS trunked radio system, exclusively FCC licensed UHF spectrum network. With a larger area network across South Texas. Now commercial users can keep in touch with their fleet of vehicles through digital secure communications. And with unlimited talk and text for as little as $12.50 per month for single site coverage, you simply cannot find a better way to stay in touch with your whole crew!

IDAS Radio from Ranch Wireless

Here are a few of the Benefits of Ranch Wireless’ Digital 2-way Coverage:

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Private Communications
  • Large Network Area
  • Exclusive FCC Licensing
  • UHF Network

Contact Ranch Wireless for more information and to learn if our Digital 2-Way Coverage can work for you!

2-way digital radio system from Ranch Wireless

More Features at a glance

IDAS Trunking

The IDAS trunking conforms with NXDN™ type-D trunking protocol. The IDAS trunking is a distributed system which does not use a dedicated control channel and it is an affordable digital trunking solution for high volume users.

Audio quality and coverage

When compared to an analog FM signal, digital easily outperforms analog in audio clarity at the fringes of the communication range, thus providing more reliable audio over a greater total area, even if the coverage footprint is the same as analog FM.

Flexible IP Network

The IDAS multi-site trunking/conventional system integrates IP network capability in the system and extends your communication coverage. The remote communicator, RCFS10, creates an IP-based virtual radio on a PC and works as a simple dispatcher.

Secure conversation

The digital modulation/demodulation makes it difficult to decode the IDAS digital signal by using the current scanner receivers at this time. The digital voice scrambler adds security on your conversation.

Flexible migration path

The IDAS system allows you to scale migration to narrow band digital at your own pace and needs, while running your existing analog system. The IDAS radios can receive both analog and IDAS conventional mode signals on a single channel.